By Matthieu Salvaggio. Published February 01, 2024

Borussia Dortmund

The brief

Borussia Dortmund, or BVB as fans lovingly call them, is a total football powerhouse! They rocked the Bundesliga in 2023, grabbing the second spot. Known for their thrilling attacking game, dedicated fans, and victories at home and abroad, BVB has truly captured the hearts of football enthusiasts worldwide.

The solution

Ever since kicking off in 1909, BVB has transformed from underdogs to true contenders. While football used to be all about tradition and the local community, embodied in BVB's promise of 'Echte Liebe' or 'Real Love,' it's now a fusion of tradition and global success.

We got the fantastic call from Design Studio ( to team up and craft a unique font. Our mission? To seamlessly blend the timeless essence of BVB with the contemporary football world, making the brand typeface more current, appealing, and relatable to both loyal and newfound fans.

In partnership with Design Studio, we've crafted a unique typeface suite that incorporates a dynamic 34ΒΊ angle of attack, serving as the foundation for the fresh Borussia Dortmund word mark. This system brilliantly captures the fighting spirit of BVB, showcasing a headline typeface with standout 'Intensity Characters' complemented by a more functional body type. Our number system draws inspiration from the horizontals and diagonals of the graphic device, ensuring a visually consistent and engaging design