Humanist Sans Serif Fonts

Our customers value our humanist sans serif fonts at Blaze Type for their incredible culture savvy. Our designers create fonts by looking what where fads are headed rather than where they’ve been. They employ classic techniques towards creating new, fresh looks that do not simply blend into what’s come before. That way, our most proactive buyers begin using fonts right as they’re reaching true popularity, positioning themselves as trendsetters. And what business doesn’t want to be a trendsetter? After all, the average consumer is bombarded with dozens of different logos, brands, and ads a day, if not hundreds. Every company has an image they’re trying to sell, and the best way to sell yours is to make sure it doesn’t resemble the other 30 brands that your potential customer just ignored.


14 Styles

A tribute to Marseille!

Variable font
More Massilia


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The battle between light and dark

Variable font
New update !
More Apoc

Humanist Sans Serif Fonts Designed by Experts for Professional Trailblazing

We have no shortage of unique looks available for purchase here. We have dozens of fonts such as apocalyptic fonts, fonts for windows, classic neo grotesque typeface that are at the height of contemporary elegance, and each one has dozens of variations suited to different forms of media. You might want to slightly alter your look based on whether it’s in print, online, on TV, or otherwise. With our fonts, you can find the perfect version of each font for each medium. Our fonts also incorporate characters and glyphs from as many different languages as possible to be applicable everywhere. These fonts aren’t restricted to just English or even to just languages using the Latin alphabet. They’re fashionable, widely applicable, easily licensed, and highly varied.

Trendsetters don’t use free fonts. If you want to stand out, choose one of ours

Our Humanist Sans Serif Fonts - Evoke the Familiar and the Organic

Humanist sans serif fonts look to keep a touch of classic handwriting in their designs. They celebrate the asymmetry and inconsistency that comes with the handwritten word. They use techniques like varied letter thickness, curved lines, and unusual letter shapes to capture the sense that this writing belongs to a personality.

When you use one of these humanist sans serif fonts, your brand becomes that underlying personality. You appear less clinical, less distant, less corporate, and less disconnected from the everyday concerns of your audiences. Does your brand involve a sort of camaraderie with your audience? If so, then these fonts are the ideal choice.

A Single License for Humanist Sans Serif Fonts to Cover It All

With our humanist sans serif fonts at Blaze Type, all your possible applications are condensed into a single license. That includes print, web media, broadcast media, and apps. After all, our fonts are designed to define the image and style of a business, so they may as well be applicable in all that company’s mediums. Instead, our license varies according to how many people will be using the font and how many people will potentially see its usage. If you or your business has a social media following that exceeds 10k, we require that you purchase a Social Media License for the font. If your company has more than a certain number of employees, you’ll be purchasing an Unlimited fonts license for commercial use. Beyond that, it’s just a matter of keeping the license updated. There are no unnecessary complications. You can learn more about our licensing under “Licence” in the Menu above.