Heavy Metal Typefaces

Are you searching for the perfect heavy typeface that makes a bold statement in your artwork? Do you need something instantly recognizable, readable and high-quality too? Then Blaze Type has the heavy typeface for you!

Heavy metal typefaces are defined by their thick lines and unapologetic in-your-face energy. And sometimes that’s exactly what your projects call for. So, if you’re inspired to use some heavy typefaces, just check through our font pack and find the right one for you.


1 Style

BLZT Blackletter

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26 Styles

The battle between light and dark

Variable font
New update !
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2 Styles

Songs of the Last Battle

More Armag


18 Styles

A modern serif with playful features

Variable font
New update !
More Fautive

Get A Professional Heavy Typeface with Blaze Type

If you choose a heavy typeface that’s almost 100% perfect, but you want a unique flair - we’ve got you! We love taking on custom projects - just get in touch through email and let us know which heavy typeface you’d like to alter. We’re even open to discussing the commission of a wholly new, never-before-seen heavy metal typeface that contains your brand voice in every single character!

Each of our typefaces is intricately designed by a team of amazing professionals. We love coming up with new designs and bringing something new to our creative clients. Our typefaces are set apart by their high-quality, engineered precision graphics. They’re so good, they can be used digitally and in print - whether you’re printing on paper, cups, or clothes! We want your projects to look amazing, so we deliver the best heavy typefaces possible.

Choosing Your Ideal Heavy Metal Typeface

To help you decide on the right option, we’ve created a fun and interactive experience on our website. By accessing the font catalog, you can choose which typeface you would like to explore. We have a different range of typefaces including humanist sans serif fonts, fonts for windows, and neo grotesque font. From there you can experiment with a variety of angles and weights to adjust the font to your liking. We also show examples of every customizable option available.

Choosing a heavy typeface can be difficult. It’s made even more so by not being able to see your chosen font in situ. To help you with that we’ve introduced the ever-popular trial period. To take advantage of this offer, just email us with your preferred typeface/font and we’ll send over a sample file.

In this file, you’ll have access to a limited number of characters, with permission to use in mock-ups of your products and during client meetings, if necessary.

When you’ve decided on your perfect typeface/font combo, you can purchase it by adding it to your cart. There’s a small number of questions during the checkout process to help define the exact package you’ll require. Once purchased, you’ll be able to use your heavy typeface wherever you choose. Each purchase comes with an inclusive permissions license that allows for use in any media.

Get Heavy Metal Typeface Today - Don’t Forget Your Discount!

Students and academics are entitled to an amazing 80% discount when buying heavy metal typefaces through Blaze Type. We don't want price to put you off following your passions and creating works of art using our heavy typefaces. We would love to see what you’ve been up to with them - so if you’re happy to share your final products with us on social media, please do!

Take a look through our product catalog today, have fun with the interactive typefaces and find the one that has your project written all over it.