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Italic, Tall and Thin Serif Font from Blaze Type

Combining the classic elegance of a serif font with tall and thin letters makes for excellent headlines for print or digital uses, making a tall thin serif font a versatile one with many uses. If this is the kind of font you’re looking for, you’ll find one here at Blaze Type that meets all your requirements and perfectly fulfills your vision for your design. We’re a type foundry based in Lyon, France, offering fonts by designers for designers. Our italic serif fonts are always stylish and often ahead of the game, combining our extensive typesetting knowledge with contemporary ideas to create modern and stunning tall serif font meant to fit all styles and designs. We’re always challenging ourselves to create new typefaces that set new trends, while putting our users foremost and making our licensing as simple and flexible as possible.

48 Styles
Beautiful contrast from Condensed to Extended
Variable font
New update !


More Nuances
26 Styles
The battle between Light and Dark
Variable font
New update !


More Apoc
2 Styles
Songs of the Last Battle


More Armag
15 Styles
The Knight Typeface
Variable font
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More Sigurd
24 Styles
Most elegant. Most eloquent.
Variable font
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More Joly
36 Styles
The witch font
Variable font
New update !


More Oroban
60 Styles
The norse font family
Variable font


More Surt
88 Styles
Architecture Font Family
Variable font
New update !


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What is a Serif Font?

Some fonts, like Times New Roman, have little details that stick out from the lines of letters. You’ll notice there’s a stark difference between these fonts and those that don’t have them, like Arial. These details are called serifs, and fonts that have them are called serif fonts. These fonts are actually older than sans serif fonts and have been around for as long as our letters have been. While traditionally used in type, extended serif fonts are also suitable for digital use and are extremely versatile. They’re also associated with long blocks of text but can make excellent headlines if used correctly, which is especially true for a tall serif font. Serif fonts are great for long blocks of text as the serifs help the eyes move along the text. They’re also associated with a classic, romantic look

Choosing the Right Extended and Italic Serif fonts Features

Even fonts within the same family, like serif fonts, have a lot of variety and many different factors that contribute to the look and feel of a font. Should you go for a tall font or a short one, a bold font or a thin font? Here’s some guidance to help you make your decision.

Of course, there’s a wide range of other features to consider as well. This includes things like x-height, contrast levels, width and italics. But if you want an eye-catching font to use as a headline or title, an extended and thin serif font might be just the right choice.

Buy a Serif Font from Blaze Type

We’ve made font licensing for commercial use as flexible as possible at Blaze Type. You only need to pay an affordable one-time fee to get a font, including the full alphabet and many symbols, alternates and glyphs and any future upgraded versions of your font. You’ll be able to use the font for most things, including type, app, broadcast, website and more. Check out our catalog to find the tall serif font that will tie your design together.