Sans Serif Fonts

When you choose to buy a superfamily fonts from us at Blaze Type , you’re not simply purchasing a high-quality tall sans serif font for professional design use. You’re opting into the avant-garde echelon of modern design. You’re accessing trends that are on the cusp of becoming widely known and in vogue. In other words, you’re setting yourself up to be one of the defining businesses in popularizing a style with your ads, websites, headlines, social media, or otherwise. If web design is one massive wave, you’ll be surfing it. You’ll be in position to catch that wave before it really takes off. You won’t be jumping onto a fashionable trend; you’ll be known as one of its pioneers. Whether you’re an independent designer, a design agency, or a company that really cares about its image and professionalism, that’s the sort of reputation building that a free font can’t offer you.


88 Styles

Architecture font family

Variable font
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More Area


80 Styles

Construction inspired font family

Variable font
More Slussen


60 Styles

The Norse font family

Variable font
More Surt


48 Styles


Variable font
More Arges

A Premium Extended & Tall Sans Serif Font to Help Appear Bold, Energetic, Imposing, and More

That’s why we work hard to offer cutting-edge extended sans serif fonts here at Blaze Type. We recognize that timing is key for any master designer, and we only offer fonts that are at the forefront of style currently. We offer dozens of fonts, many of which have nearly 100 variations for different applications. That includes titles, headlines, captions, social media posts, newsletters, and more. With Blaze Type, you have hundreds of different options such as stencil numbers font, commercial type trial fonts, and modern elegant font at your disposal to make sure you have the look. That’s the look you’ve envisioned for yourself. Not a similar look, not nearly identical look — the look you know you want to convey.

Make a Difference with Wide or Extended Sans Serif Fonts

In many cases, size in itself may not be all that relevant. But when it comes to making an impact, size really does matter and is something you should take into account. In the case of design, for advertising and company and product branding, extended sans serif fonts can be the difference between a forgettable image and one that really makes an impact. If you want to make heads turn and create something people will remember, it’s often best to go big.

Free Tall & Extended San Serif Fonts Just Aren’t the Same

While purchasing a premium tall sans serif font is surfing the wave, opting for a free font is drowning in it. Free fonts are perfectly fine if there’s no profit to be made or any sort of image at stake. Free fonts are fine if aesthetics isn’t a major concern. Otherwise, they simply fail to offer the same crucial timing of style. Where premium fonts are in the process of becoming stylish, free fonts are on their way out. They are available at no cost precisely because they stand to make you little to no profit.

Have you ever wondered where these free extended sans serif fonts come from? Many of them are previously licensed fonts that their owners saw as not worth renewing. Others are amateur designers who aren’t working for professional gain. In other words, free fonts aren’t designed with success in mind, and they’re usually past their prime. Many of them become publicly available after they are no longer artful or fashionable, at which point they aren’t worth a proper designer’s time.

It's true that free fonts also don’t require licensing for commercial use, which many designers and businesses might see as a benefit. However, most fonts with a license required make back the costs of that license very quickly. They pay for themselves several times over. A free font costs less because it stands to offer and make less.