Apocalyptic Fonts

Are you looking for a font with a rugged, rough and horror-inspired font for a new design? An apocalyptic font from Blaze Type might be just the thing. Post pocalyptic fonts evoke memories of horror movies and make the perfect font for designs like bar décor and logos, tattoo and piercing studios, t-shirts and other apparel, and rock and grunge music bands, venues and posters. They make for fonts that are eye-catching, compelling and extremely expressive.


26 Styles

The battle between light and dark

Variable font
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More Apoc


2 Styles

Songs of the Last Battle

More Armag


1 Style

The font with a beautiful story

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More Barabbas


1 Style

The Darshanide Font!

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More Khalos

Blaze Type Apocalyptic Fonts

When you need an apocalyptic font that perfectly fulfils your vision and offers great quality at an affordable price, Blaze Type is your best friend. We consist of a team of international designers constantly challenging ourselves to create stunning and trendy typefaces with easy user licenses and excellent customer service. Choose a post apocalyptic font from Blaze Type and you can expect quality, reliability and flexibility.

Our Post Apocalyptic Font

Post apocalyptic font from Blaze Type are carefully designed to look great on any medium, including digital and print. They come with a range of styles, alternates, symbols and glyphs and support Latin languages. Our selection of fonts is large, with a variety of styles to suit all tastes. We’re always happy to modify our fonts if requested, and we also take commissions for custom typefaces if you want something unique or there’s nothing in the catalog that meets your requirements.

Why Buy an Apocalyptic Fonts?

With so many free fonts available online, many people wonder why it’s worth it to purchase a premium font. Yes, it’s true that there are free fonts out there. But it’s also true that you get what you pay for, and that applies as much to fonts as anything else. Free fonts often fail to include all the characters, symbols and glyphs you might need, making it difficult to write what you intended. They’re usually overused and very common, making it hard for your design to stand out and may mean that the finished result looks less professional. Quality fonts such as swiss typefaces, modernist fonts and modern industrial fonts, on the other hand, always look professional and should come with many characters, symbols and glyphs. They also offer greater flexibility regarding styles and can make it easier to find a font that looks exactly the way you want it. Lastly, downloading free fonts from the internet can invite difficulties. They sometimes don’t work at all and occasionally come with viruses. They can also come with licensing restrictions that mean you can’t even actually use them commercially. You can prevent all this by buying a high-quality apocalyptic fonts with flexible licensing for commercial use from Blaze Type.

What You Can Use Your Post Apocalyptic Font for

Font licensing has never been simpler than it is when you buy from us. We offer three different license alternatives: student and academic, company, and social media. All of these licenses give you the right to use your newly purchased font on any projects you want, including print, web, app and broadcast. You have no user restrictions, and you will always receive an upgraded version of a font you own when there’s an update. Use on social media is included with all licenses up to 10k followers, but a social media license is required if you have more followers than that. We take all the limitations and guesswork out of font licenses.

Look through our font pack today and find the perfect font for your latest project.