Swiss Typefaces

It is very important to find the right look for your typeface. Whatever information you are giving your readers, the font it is written in will affect the impression you are able to give. Whether you are a modern business looking to give customers a lasting impression, or a student who wants a typeface to match your innovative research, Blaze Type can give you the high-quality font packages you need.

Swiss Typefaces to Professionalize Your Website

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what we often forget is that letters are themselves pictures and deserve serious design. The look of your lettering will inform how your readers remember what you have written, so it is crucial to find a designed font that is unique, contemporary, and high quality. We carefully engineer our fonts with the needs of readers and writers in mind, and because we put the effort into our design process, we are always trendy. We even set trends, such as with our iconic Apoc font. Check out our website now to see our range of fully customizable engineered fonts, including our Swiss inspired typefaces.


10 Styles

Rooted with geometric sans

Variable font
New update !
More Osmose

Slussen Stencil

8 Styles

The Stencil Slussen!

Variable font
New update !
More Slussen Stencil


77 Styles

Architecture font family

Variable font
New update !
More Area


90 Styles

Designed to Rule!

Variable font
New update !
More Rules

Swiss Typefaces - Avoiding Problems with Professional Font

Even if you have found a font with the perfect look you can come across problems sometimes with other Type foundries. You spend hours looking through font libraries. Finally, you strike gold: the perfect Swiss typefaces, balancing readability, and beauty so well that you start to consider its place in a company-wide redesign. But when you send the mock-up to your colleagues on Slack, the troubleshooting begins. It's too small on iPhone and too big on Android. It plays havoc with the accessibility software. Convertibility is one of the most notorious roadblocks when it comes to using fonts in business. What looks good on a laptop can look terrible on a phone - and when your audience uses both, you must be flexible. Blaze Type engineers every font we produce to work on all devices, making sure we perfectly display your copy in our stylish and fashionable fonts on any format. Whatever OS or browsers you and your readers are using, we will make sure they are seeing the same high-quality font you are.

Another problem can be constrictive licensing around how fonts are used. We can dive here about the flexible kind of fonts license for commercial use that offers by Blaze (one purchase covering print, web, APP, broadcast, logo, etc. You just need to pick the right license in regards to the company size or social media size). You can think you have found the perfect choice for your website, only you find that it can't even handle French accents! So, our flexibility also extends to our ranges of languages covered (European extended, all our fonts state all the languages they cover) ; glyphs (that is letters and symbols) available for each typeface.
Glyphs are the building blocks that let you construct a font usable in any circumstance - producing these takes the effort that only professionals can afford to spend. Blaze Type makes sure to have a large range of glyphs, languages, alternates, punctuation and mathematical symbols covered by our fonts in their alphabet.

Get Swiss Typefaces - Great Discounts Available Now

In stumbling upon this website, you have found a treasure trove of slick Swiss typefaces along with a range of other contemporary typefaces such as serif italic font, or stencil numbers font, and modern elegant font. We offer an 80% discount for students and academics, the sort of discount you rarely see nowadays, making a modern typeface affordable for you that gives you that professional touch that money can't buy. We are now partnered with Type Network, bringing our work together with other independent designers and type foundries and marking us out as among the most successful creators of new typefaces.