Condensed Sans Serif Fonts

We design our Blaze Type fonts with you in mind. That means the savvy student entrepreneur, the design educator, the design agency, and the company looking to stand out amongst competitors. Our condensed sans serif fonts aren't just made to be generally aesthetic; they’re designed with professional success in mind as the goal. Our fonts, be they bold condensed sans serif fonts or classic neo grotesques, are geared towards professional design applications.


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Condensed Sans Serif Fonts with Easy Licensing and Great Style

Take the paintings of Picasso, for instance. They're inspired. Their blurring of reality and perspective into one is certainly groundbreaking. But could you use any of Picasso's cubist paintings as an anatomical chart? They may be works of art, but they weren't designed with anatomical accuracy in mind, so they can't get that particular job done. Tha's the importance of intention in design: Your ideal sans serif condensed font cannot be made without a host of potential purposes in mind.

Our fonts operate the same way. We have dozens of designers who spend countless hours researching current fads and refining their designs until our fonts perfectly reflect where tastes are heading. And we don't simply follow trends—we set them. We frequently inspire similar condensed sans serif fonts from other designers with the popularity of our own as they hit the scene. It's more important than ever to stand out when you have something to say, teach, sell, or advertise. If you fail to impress, you fail to exist. And what better way to stand out than with something the people haven't seen yet.

Sans Serif Condensed Font: Cultured, Futurist, Restrained

There are too many sans serif condensed font of this type to generalize their usage or traits. Some might be ideal for a vintage fashion magazine, whereas others might suit a tech company's home page. Generally, however, you'll find these kinds of fonts to suit a more modern, aloof image. These fonts make it clear that you or your business have an interest in reinventing the wheel. You are less concerned with classics and more concerned with trailblazing, perhaps creating a few future classics of your own. A premium condensed sans serif font demonstrates to audiences that you're looking towards the horizon and interested in deciding what happens beyond the edge.

Bold Condensed Sans Serif Fonts - Licensing Made Convenient and Straightforward

The biggest deterrent for designers when considering premium fonts tends to be licensing for commercial useconcerns. Licensing leans towards annoying and inconvenient at the best of times. The price of the licensing itself is less troublesome than the various categories that each have a different license. Usually, if you plan on using a font on social media, television, and in a physical journal or billboard, each one has a different license. Each license might have a different duration or conditions, which can be legally exhausting. Our fonts are different; they can be secured for all mediums using a single license. Our license instead varies according to how many people will be using the license and what your potential sphere of influence is. You will have a different license based on whether your company has one thousand or one million followers on social media. You will not have to get a different license for every single platform you operate through.

Browsing Our Current Condensed Sans Serif Fonts

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