Font for Catalogue Design

Buying a world-class unique font can be difficult. The expertise to create fonts exists out there but you need to make sure you are getting the best fonts for a catalogue design . Blaze Type cares about beautiful font design. Buying our fonts puts your project in the same class as the art galleries, creative musicians, and big-name designers that already use our fonts. Our fonts get this kind of use because we can see the importance of elegant font design. It can be an easy thing to overlook on any large project but using a cheap and tacky font can quickly ruin your impact. The general public is more discerning and ruthless than you might think because lazy font design is something that can affect people subconsciously.


18 Styles

A modern serif with playful features

Variable font
New update !
More Fautive


48 Styles

Beautiful contrast from Condensed to Extended

Variable font
New update !
More Nuances


60 Styles

The Norse font family

Variable font
More Surt

Silvana Display

10 Styles

Beautifully Sharp & Elegant!

Variable font
New update !
More Silvana Display

Get the Perfect Font for a Catalogue

Just think of how many written messages bombard our eyes every day; our brains have been trained to sort the wheat from the chaff and dismiss messages that we perceive as low quality or irrelevant. The typeface used is one of the first impressions a message can give us, so we judge this aesthetic quality very quickly; there is a good chance that most readers have already decided how they are going to receive a message before they have finished reading the first few words. In this environment, it is important to stand out and to communicate artistic care and professionalism with your fonts.

Common Problems with Fonts for Catalogue Design

Sometimes things are not that easy. Many font sellers are very protective of their font for catalogue and will only allow a very constrictive license. This means complex re-negotiations every time you want to tinker with your project or re-release materials. We have a different philosophy and are happy to see our fonts used in a variety of ways by clients. On top of this legal flexibility, we want to offer you creative flexibility. Our fonts for catalogue design have a very large glyph set. This means that we go well beyond the standard Latin alphabet to give you such a variety of symbols and letters from different alphabets. So when you have bought one of our fonts, you can use it in a range of languages, and even for technical specialist projects that might need a range of symbols.

Get a Font for Your Catalogue Today!

Importantly we are a type foundry committed to creating high-quality designed fonts for catalogue design at an affordable price. We have worked with logo designers and world-renowned artistic institutions, so know what it is to work at the highest level of the design field. We are also a young company, founded in 2016, so we understand how difficult it can be to stand out as a newcomer. Currently, we can offer students and academics an 80% discount on fonts and font families including fonts such as modern bold italic font, fonts for editorial design, elegant thin serif font, or bold condensed sans serif fonts. This underlines our commitment to new innovative work. Whether you are buying font for catalogue, a marketing program, an art catalogue, design workshop or any other project where impact is important, then Blaze Type will have a font for you.