Modern Industrial Fonts

Modern industrial fonts are more specifically targeted than most others because of their background and their design influences. Many have been around for a long time and have proved their worth while others are newer and more innovative but nevertheless have the same industrial feel. Choosing the correct one, therefore, will set your design apart from others and help to ensure its success.

Set the Right Tone with Modern Industrial Fonts

Modern industrial fonts aren't just for engineers. They're for anyone who wants to create an impression of strength in their message, who wants to combine uniformity with a certain element of roughness or who wants to add authenticity to a project.

These fonts add an industrial touch to any project and are ideal for businesses with manufactured products, that work in mining or civil engineering, or have any association with industrial processes that they want to emphasize. But if you want to send the right message, to create the correct image, you need to choose your fonts carefully.


80 Styles

Construction inspired font family

Variable font
More Slussen


90 Styles

Designed to Rule!

Variable font
New update !
More Rules


14 Styles

A tribute to Marseille!

Variable font
More Massilia


12 Styles

Contemporary geometric sans

Variable font
More Mack


10 Styles

Rooted with geometric sans

Variable font
New update !
More Osmose


48 Styles


Variable font
More Arges


60 Styles

The Norse font family

Variable font
More Surt


88 Styles

Architecture font family

Variable font
New update !
More Area

A Modern Industrial Font to Create the Desired Image

Many people view any bold typeface with a extended sans serif fonts as industrial. But modern industrial fonts are much more than that and have a character that’s hard to miss.

A lot of industrial fonts have a retro look and an eroded style that emphasizes their manufacturing or processing background; think bricks or steel. Others, however, are more subtle in their design but all have a bold structure and a sense of solidity. As such, they provide a solid basis for any design project that seeks to create an image of strength and even a degree of roughness.

It’s important that you choose the right fonts because they set the feel of your design, communicate your message in the way you want and determine the whole tone of the message’s content. They can therefore be the difference between a branding or marketing exercise that achieves its goals and one that misses its target completely because it fails to attract the attention of readers or isn’t sufficiently memorable.

Investing in High-Quality Modern Industrial Typefaces

Although there are some modern industrial fonts available for free download, it’s always worth paying for fonts that are of the highest quality. Cutting corners and obtaining free or cheap fonts to save money is likely to give a poor feel to your project, fail to achieve the required outcome and prove costly in the long term.

Marketing, branding and similar projects are crucial for any organization and you can’t afford for them to fail due to a lack of care or insufficient investment. At Blaze Type, we have a range of industrial and other fonts including tall serif font, Swiss typefaces, and European typefaces, when used in combination, will create exactly the image you want to put across.

Choose the fonts that you think are suitable and take advantage of our free trial to test them and ensure they create exactly the image you need. This no obligation, try before you buy offer means you can test out various styles and combinations to find out what really works. And, if you can’t find exactly what you need, our design service can provide customized and unique fonts

Your project needs an investment of time and money to make it work properly. We’ll help you do that with our range of modern industrial fonts and other fonts that are available for a cost-effective one-off licence payment that gives unrestricted use.