Modernist Fonts

Modernist typefaces are popular with designers and anyone in creative industries such as technology and architecture. They use them to create stylish and memorable logos, to build brand identity and for various projects to help to create authority, trust and a modern or innovative image.

Simplicity and Minimalism from a Modernist Fonts

Despite the name, modernist fonts have been around since the 1800s although they have developed considerably since then. They generally have geometric, futuristic, abstract or urban font styles with vertical lettering and thin, straight lines that are paired with curves and bold strokes.

Modernist typography is usually characterized by a simple and uncomplicated design. The stress is on the vertical, so there is no slant on the letters and clear-cut transitions with thin and thick strokes.


90 Styles

Designed to Rule!

Variable font
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80 Styles

Construction inspired font family

Variable font
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77 Styles

Architecture font family

Variable font
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60 Styles

The Norse font family

Variable font
More Surt

Where and How to Use Font Modernist?

Most modernist fonts are sans serif fonts although there are some serif versions. Some of these are pre-installed on most computers, typically Helvetica as a sans serif font and Times New Roman as a serif version. These are best used in particular situations:

Perfect Results from Quality Modernist Typeface

Like all the fonts we provide, our modernist fonts are innovative, and highly engineered so they display and print perfectly, work on a wide variety of media and remain consistent when they are scaled up or down or have attributes applied.

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If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or can’t find exactly what you want, we have ways of helping you out:

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