By Matthieu Salvaggio. Published December 02, 2021

Inferi in use: Càng Đong Càng Vui

Fresh fonts for fresh beer

“Càng Đong Càng Vui” is a season beer can of 355ml made for the restaurant Le Red Tiger in collaboration with Brasserie Harricana in downtown Montreal.

What's fascinating about this piece of design is obviously the heavy focus & use of type layout in order to turn the text into a true graphic element. Like an image the ligatureed capitals of Inferi take full advantage of the can's space in order to fill the overal structure.

The can design features tightly spaced caps in a Light Italic font from Inferi [Blaze Type]. Smaller text is in Monumental Grotesk (Dinamo).

All pictures were taken by Bobby Leon (@_bobbyleon)