By Matthieu Salvaggio. Published April 06, 2022

Font Pairing: Modernism Design


Modernism design can be identified to strong design grid use and an extended use of sans fonts.

But if your goal is to set up a different tone, still inspired by Modernism Design, and are looking for some 'je ne sais quoi' in your layout, you can also pair these Sans with beautiful, expressive Serif fonts. During my studies I always heard that it's best to work solely with the weights/styles available in the chooseen Sans fonts — I believe that statement to be quite false today as there are so many different qualities from one Sans to the other that they can easily be paired if you choose to use one for body texts and the other for headlines & displays.

We designed some posters for you to see some examples of how our fonts can be paired together when working in a Modernist Design kind of style. Some pairs are Sans + Serif, some are Sans + Sans!

Rules & Joly

1. Fonts being used : Rules Medium, Regular, Regular Italic + Joly Text Regular, Semibold, Joly Headline Bold Italic

Area & Surt

2. Area Normal Semibold, Medium, Hairline + Surt Expanded Medium & Demi bold

Area & Rules

3. Area Inktrap Bold + Area Extended Medium + Rules Regular, Extrabold

4. Area Inktrap Bold, Black + Rules Regular

Mack & Apoc

5. Mack Black, Bold + Apoc Light, Light Italic

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