By Sebastien Hayez. Published February 15, 2024

2023 Type Trends

Blaze Type published its first typeface, Apoc', in 2018, and since then productivity has been intensively maintained, multiplying new collaborators or exploring Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.

The monthly entries on this page also share creations in terms of custom typedesign for companies, but without reviewing our font catalog on this page. So it's time to take a break and look back on a busy typographic year for Blaze Type

10 typographic families
258 fonts

TheBox 2023
7 typographic families
41 fonts

In Sans We Trust: Body fonts (1/2)

 Blaze Type will find it hard to hide its love of sans serif typefaces. The genre is already well represented in the catalog, but several new releases add to the richness of this niche.

Surt is one of the foundry's bestsellers, and was missing a rounded version to add a fun aspect to this complete family. 

48 extra fun fonts: 8 weights, 3 width (normal, expanded, extended) and its italics.

Homie is also the latest addition to our range, seeking its place between geometric sans and grotesk. Just what we've been looking for: a human sans serif, with light strokes variation, elegance within robustness. The 18 fonts in the family could well be enriched in the future by other width. 9 weights and its italics.

Digital Sans is Blaze Type's answer to the geometric sans revival, following the footsteps of Paul Renner's Futura. Here again, it would not be surprising to see the family extended by new width, if not Greek or Cyrillic. 7 weights and itsitalics.

Fusion is the dream of a marriage between the best of post-WWII Swiss typography, a rational yet inspired neo grotesk. To enable this union, the family is separated into 2 entities, Fusion Grotesk and Fusion Neue each offering open or closed endings, as well as a vast selection of alternative glyphs. The set is then completed by 8 weights, 2 chases and its italics.

Sans for titling (2/2)

And since the love of Sans doesn't stop us, here's something to delight graphic designers looking for the ideal tool to boost their titling.

Routine could be seen as an industrial sans serif, but with the patina of time, probably because it's inspired by late 19th-century French typography. This typeface is just as readable in small sizes as it is in well-composed capitals. 30 fonts, 5 weights, 3 bindings and italics.

Long-vaunted French elegance doesn't stop at Didot typefaces. Relais proposes a contemporary reinterpretation without the pomp of the past. The recipe isn't as simple as a scalpel cutting up the serifs, but begins all the same with this important operation, accompanied by a skillful adjustment of the curves. 14 fonts for 7 serifs and italics.

Neue Tarasque, where the warmth of southwestern France meets Swiss rationality. In fact, it's a sans-serif with a large inktrap and a wide-open eye. Its limited deployment in 3 weights and italics doesn't prevent it from developing its temperament on your campaign titles.

Calligraphy, always!

A return to handwriting must remain the gymnastics of every good type designer. The development of a calligraphy-inspired typeface is therefore a challenge in which digital technology must reinterpret the skills of the hand, without freezing or parodying them.

Sagittaire, with its large serifs, striking contrasts and elegance, is as much Italian Baroque chancery calligraphy as it is slightly decadent fin de siècle typography. The 48 fonts are divided into three optical sizes (text, standard, display), 8 weights and italics.

Secular delivers a magnificent authenticity, that of typical 18th-century French script. It can still be found on old school books, old building signs or product labels from the late 19th century. The work of its author Bouk Ra is a balanced revival that respects its academic reference. A jewel in three weights only.

Avril is a revival of a 1950 painter's letter design. The fantasy combined with the restrained virtuosity of this calligraphy makes it a typographic tour de force for your offbeat communications. Again, three weights only.