. Published March 14, 2022

Custom Font: Lokki

A bold font design

Mid 2021, we were contacted by Ludovic from Studio Blackthorns to design a custom font for a branding project, tailored for Lokki. A Kombucha brand based in the south of France.

Ludovic worked on a whole brand strategy and clever graphic identity bringing Lokki's spirit into a whole new way of showcasing their work. When working on something as specific, as precise, as a brand design, a custom font is usually the right choice to go with every ingredients you'll use in a complex graphic chart.

As such, we worked hands in hands with Studio Blackthorns' vision for Lokki in order to design a custom font based on some core values of the company. Bold, Close to its customer, strong beliefs and core values in the way their drink is produced. Lokki is also mischievous, in the best way possible, so the font has to show all of these characteristics in its design while maintining high legibility in large and medium sizes.

We designed a font with a strong character structure. The roundness if shaped with smart cut edges giving a nice optical trick. Some glyphs have some unusual shapes like the Y, alternate versions of R & K with a "horn" like feature.

One of the best part of designing custom fonts is seeing them in action. While the showcase on this article is but a very expressive serie designed by Anouck Elbaz for the sake of this article, we're very confident in seeing Studio Blackthorns art direction come to life using this tailored font!

Got a custom font project? Get in touch with us about it [email protected]

Got a custom font project? Get in touch with us about it [email protected]